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A Q&A with Dan Brady, the New Planning Capital VP


dan1If you’re familiar with Planning Capital, chances are you’ve worked with or spoken to Daniel Brady at some point. Dan’s been with the team since 2013, but most recently he’s stepped up to the role of company Shareholder and VP.

In line with the larger role he’ll be taking on, we asked Dan a few questions on what he loves about working in the world of finance to help you get to know him a bit better.

Can you tell me a bit about your background? What made you decide to enter the world of finance as a career – and what did that path look like for you?

I was a finance and economics major in college because I’ve always been drawn to solving complex problems. It has been a long-time dream of mine to be an independent business owner working directly with clients, so pursuing personal financial planning was a natural fit. My career started as a case consultant for a financial planning software company. The “outside-looking-in” experience was invaluable—it helped me truly understand my best fit in looking for a business to join. I continued my education by pursuing the CFP® designation and had a lot of conversations with people in different pockets of the industry. Eventually, I met Rick and, as they say, the rest is history.

According to your bio, you wear a lot of hats and you’ve spoken at events about a range of subjects – marketing, tech, etc. Do you feel it’s important for finance professionals to have a grasp of fields not directly related to finance?

When I was growing up, James Bond was played by Pierce Brosnan who, in my opinion, perfectly captured the “Renaissance Man” merit of agent 007—he had just as much knowledge of blackjack as he did of hand-to-hand combat. With finance being such a conceptual, big-picture field, I believe that professionals must have a deep understanding and curiosity across many subjects. This helps with the ability to deliver great advice and uncover hidden connections.

What do you love most about working with clients? Do you have a favorite client story you could share?

I very much enjoy “putting myself in the client’s shoes”. To give financial advice, there is a high level of trust which is placed in me, and I see that as a privilege. I love when clients tell me that they wish they had known me sooner or started working together earlier. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help our clients plan for their future. It’s the best feeling to know that what we provide is truly impacting their lives in a positive way

What are your go-to resources to stay on top of finance trends? Any favorite books, blogs, Twitter accounts, etc.?

I of course read the Wall Street Journal, but my hands-down favorite resource is The Economist for broad news coverage. The Journal of Financial Planning is a good monthly read. I also use the blog “Nerd’s Eye View” for deep research on financial planning topics and follow “A Wealth of Common Sense” for investments.

If you had to pick a favorite topic in the finance industry – what would it be and what would be your top piece of advice related to it?

Behavioral finance intrigues me because I think it has an incredible impact on financial planning. A great plan means nothing without great people working together to implement the plan. It’s so important to understand and appreciate different personal skill sets, motivations, and attitudes. Above all else, I believe that an honest self-assessment of your relationship with money is the best first step in planning for your future.

The team recently opened an office in Center City, Philadelphia. What’s your favorite part about being located in the city? Do you think it will give the team any added advantages?

I am going to cheat and give two favorites; I take the train, so I can now set aside time to read every day (very important) and our office is close to all the great restaurants of Philadelphia! Of course, it also gives us a huge professional advantage as we hope that our location is more accessible to a greater amount of our current and future client base. We believe that the main office being in Center City sets the stage for Planning Capital to continue growing and improving.

You just became a shareholder and VP at Planning Capital. Can you tell me what this means for you and for Planning Capital as a whole?

I am very excited as this allows me to continue to align my values with the business. As I said, being a small business owner has always been a dream of mine and it is something which I take very seriously. Joining Rick as a partner of Planning Capital means that I can take on an even larger role in the direction of the company. It’s going to be fun!

If you have questions for Dan or the rest of the Planning Capital team, reach out to us any time at or 267-589-9210.