A financial plan prepared with Planning Capital Management will put in context where you are, where you are going, and where you want to be financially. Our ultimate goal is to help you feel confident in the financial decisions you make.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”


The custom financial plan we create for you is a comprehensive evaluation of your current and future financial state, taking into account variables such as asset values, growth projections, future cash flows, savings plans and distribution plans. This often includes a series of steps or specific goals for spending and saving now and into the future. This holistic plan will provide a big picture of your financial goals and how our team can help you achieve them with confidence.

A series of life events impacts your financial wellbeing. Planning Capital Management partners with you to prepare and plan for these events, empowering clients to live out their dreams and experience financial freedom. At each milestone, we will provide the resources, tools and council for you to make the best financial decisions possible.

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Making prudent financial decisions in your life can set a solid foundation for decades of financial success and security. Therefore, as major milestones occur such as changing careers, funding children’s education, starting a family, and/or receiving an inheritance, it is helpful and important to have a financial plan in place. Planning Capital will work with you to set you up for long-term success no matter the life situation.

Being a business owner requires much discipline and responsibility. It is important to understand how your personal financial plan fits into your business financial plan. Your business is, most likely, your largest asset, and Planning Capital can help you to better align your overall financial plan for maximum benefit, including cash flow, estate planning and business transfer.

Having a plan for when you are ready to transition from earning income to living on your savings is an essential component of your financial plan. To sufficiently enjoy retirement, it is important you feel confident in the amount of money you have saved and to make sure your assets will last. Our team will meet with you regularly to identify ways you can save more, position your investments to generate more income and take advantage of health care and Social Security benefits.

Leaving a successful financial legacy requires vision, open and honest communication and a plan. You want your legacy to be a gift, not a burden to loved ones. With the council of a financial advisor, your financial legacy should match your values and be a reflection of your accomplishments in life. Our team can aid in gathering legal documents, providing guidance regarding estate settlement and inheritance topics and updating assets.

Protecting yourself from the ‘what if’s’ in life is not fun to think about but important when you have your family to consider. The team at Planning Capital can guide you in analyzing the various levels of protection, make recommendations based off of your current lifestyle and execute on insurance when necessary. We strive to provide you with peace of mind and security.

Deciding to make a major purchase can be unnerving. Whether you are seeking to buy a second home, a sports car or a boat – you want to make sure the purchase will not derail your short- and long-term financial goals. As an objective advisor, we will guide you in making these types of decisions, weighing the pros and cons and continuously being mindful of your long-term goals.

Start Making Your Decisions With Confidence