When you approach a strategy – financial or otherwise – by looking at the big picture, very often you’ll find areas that aren’t being addressed, but should be.

That’s what got us thinking about a group that’s often under-served in the financial planning industry: young professionals.

We had questions. Future Capital started at a round-table discussion where we asked participants:

  • What are young professionals doing to meet their financial goals?
  • What resources do they have access to?
  • Do these resources take into account their unique situation?

From that meeting came the creation of Future Capital. The next generation of leadership at Planning Capital Management started with a goal of revolutionizing how 30 and 40-somethings work with their financial advisor, manage their money, devise financial strategies, and ultimately build wealth.

After years of research and development, we concluded with a program which can help set young professionals on the path to success, early on and with the right advice. This way, they can feel empowered to start working towards their goals now, in a way they can identify with and accomplish.

Give our video a watch. We’ll introduce you to the program, some of its features, and why we believe in it.