At Planning Capital, we gain a deep understanding of your personal needs—providing more time for you to focus on what’s important. We cut through the noise to help you make good decisions for quality results. Our dedicated team shields you from life’s hazards through a clear and understandable plan. By utilizing integrated technologies, we bring simplicity to complex situations.

PCM is your advocate—delivering personalized strategies and independent advice.

We believe in…

Personal Advice
The best financial decisions are made when all aspects of your financial matters are taken into consideration. Without a comprehensive view and understanding of your financial situation, it is difficult to make good decisions.

Team Commitment
No single financial professional is an expert in all aspects of financial decision-making. That is why we work with a broad team of people, each with their own expertise and experience helping clients navigate specific life events.

Confident Decision-Making
Financial matters can happen fast and sometimes unexpectedly. When they do, you might want some help, advice or an unbiased second opinion. Regardless of the financial event, our clients call us first. Big or small, we believe every financial decision is just as important.

Deep Relationships
We have a passion for helping our clients make confident and informed financial decisions. Our reward comes when we see our clients living out their dreams.

Fiduciary Duty
Our client’s best interests come first. Always.