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The Who – and the Why – of Planning Capital


Recently, we had a new addition to the Planning Capital Management team, Paul McClatchy.

Paul joined us as a Senior Financial Planner just a short while ago, and at a recent meeting he happened to bring up his reasons for deciding to join our team. We were blown away by his words, and thought it might bring some perspective into how we all work together to work for you—our clients—if we talked about all of our reasons for joining Planning Capital Management.

Read on for each of our “whys” below:

Rick Bell, President:

We put the client and planning first.

Planning Capital Management was originally created in 2001 to be a planning-first independent investment advisory. Understanding the goals that drive our clients and their
financial picture helps us formulate the plan and control risk better while managing their money.

We’re here to serve clients as a fiduciary, and to manage and oversee all the client’s assets—without the boundaries of an overriding organization trying to sell or limit clients to a product that they offer.

The team itself has been carefully formed over the years by advisors with very different talents in the financial industry.

When a client or one of their professionals (accountant, lawyer, trust officer etc…) has a question about money, they pick up the phone and call us.

Each advisor takes the time to know our clients well. With a well thought-out plan in place and a commitment to their goals, financial success is not a question, it is a peace of mind.

Dan Brady, Vice President:

We “work hard at work worth doing”.

Teddy Roosevelt was an especially quotable human, but I’ve always identified with his declaration that “far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” From my early career days working as a consultant to financial advisors, I always knew that helping families plan for their financial future was “work worth doing”.

Unfortunately, what I saw was an industry that wasn’t built to support what I thought was the most worthy aspect of the work—a relentless pursuit of advocating for the client’s best interests.

When I met Rick almost 10 years ago, Planning Capital looked different than it does today, but the company was being steered by the right values. Creating balance personally and professionally, being able to have a genuine connection to the clients and the work, and having the freedom to explore avenues of intellectual curiosity were all important factors to me. But most importantly, I wanted the opportunity to grow with a firm which wasn’t afraid to adapt.

Planning Capital has the right structure, the right outlook, the right attitude, and above all else, the right people. I count myself incredibly lucky that I have the chance to work hard for one of the few organizations in the financial advice industry doing it the right way.

Brandon Abe, Financial Planner:

We have a unique opportunity to work with clients, the right way.

I started working in the financial services industry in the FinTech world. At the time, I was working with advisors directly, rather than with clients.

That job gave me a truly unique perspective on how our industry works, and it helped me understand the types of advisors that were out there and how they worked with their clients. It also gave me a better idea of what I felt was the right way to help people plan for their financial futures.

One of my former directors at my old company is now a familiar face at Planning Capital, Dan Brady. At the time, he was working with Rick providing planning and advice to clients. When Dan called me about a position at Planning Capital, it was an easy decision for me to make. They were an independent firm providing objective advice and acting as fiduciaries for their clients, which was not something everyone I had worked with on the other side was doing.

The combination of the way they did business, plus working with people like Dan (someone I trust and have a lot of respect for) was something I just couldn’t pass up.

Paul McClatchy, Senior Financial Planner:

We care about the client experience.

Prior to joining Planning Capital I had the opportunity to have numerous conversations with various companies in the industry. We talked about the services they offer, the advice they provide, and the client experiences they foster.

I have found the following insights to be true about our industry:

  • Many companies still operate the same way they did 20 years ago.
  • Are very averse to change.
  • And don’t put enough care into providing a unique client experience.

Planning Capital stood apart from the rest due to its personal service model, professional curiosity, united team culture, and embrace of technologies. The end result? Here’s a team that truly works most efficiently to deliver unique client experiences.    

If you have questions about your finances, or about the Planning Capital team, never hesitate to reach out to us at: (215) 709-5100 or

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