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A New Fee Structure for You

Recognizing that basic and complex money questions are not just prompted by major life milestones but rather can arise at any moment, we set out to create a financial planning approach that put our client’s everyday needs front and center.  We created what we call a “triangulation of advice” with our clients at the core of three complementary areas: Financial Planning, Portfolio Management and Fiduciary Advice.

Inspired by our client-first approach, our fee structure breaks with the traditional financial planning model in that it includes a flat rate and percentage model. In this way, our model allows for unbiased decision-making and an open line of communication. Whether our clients come to us for Financial Planning and or Portfolio Management, they benefit from the transparency of our fees and consistency of our approach.

From To Industry Fee Our Fee
$0 $1,000,000 1.05% 0.80%
$1,000,000 $2,500,000 0.85% 0.70%
$2,500,000 $5,000,000 0.75% 0.60%
$5,000,000 $10,000,000 0.65% 0.50%
$10,000,000 $15,000,000 0.55% 0.35%
$15,000,000 0.45% 0.25%
Financial Planning Service Minimum Annual Fee
Wealth Building $2,500
Retirement Income $2,500
High Net Worth $5,000
Private Client $7,500

Disclaimer: These fees are approximate based on your asset level and life stage. Your fee may differ based on your specific needs and circumstances.




About Our Firm

Our firm seeks to modernize and humanize the financial planning sector by blending the quantitative world of finance with the qualitative reality of life. We believe that financial planning encompasses all areas of one’s financial life and when assessed holistically, allows for confident decision-making choices. We view ourselves as the greatest advocates for our clients, providing both timely advice while breaking down the complex into manageable and inspiring steps. We take pride in being their first call on any and all money matters because we thrive on making an impact on their lives.

Planning Capital’s Core Values

Our team is bound by the core values of passion and curiosity for what we do on a daily basis. Our curiosity drives us to create deeper relationships that allow us to understand more about our clients, more about our colleagues and the world around us. Our passion pushes us forward to think both creatively and differently in the sector and to impact people’s lives beyond just financial planning and strategies.

Our Approach to Your Finances

We culled our approach based on the importance we put on our client relationship-driven model. Over the last two decades our clients have entrusted us with being their partners on their life journeys. We have grown with them as well as their families and we are extremely grateful for the opportunities we have been given. Together with our proprietary methodology and expertise, their stories continue to inspire the creative thinking we bring to our planning.

The starting point of any plan begins with a baseline understanding of your current investments and risk tolerance. Let’s get started and find yours.


The starting point of any plan begins with a baseline understanding of your current investments and risk tolerance. Let’s get started and find yours.

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