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Ongoing Tax planning that improves your bottom line

When discussing taxes with our clients, they often express the importance of feeling in control of the tax process and highlight the gratification of having all their information in one place. We take pride that we can help them feel at ease of what is a yearly occurrence rolls around each April. While the traditional tax strategies and programs are a good start, we have learnt over the years that creative and personalized thinking is never more important than now when it comes to minimizing your taxes.

Helping You with Tax Strategies and Benefits

We take a lot of pride in working with our clients on how to handle their taxes as it not only helps them minimize their yearly tax expenses but also teaches best practices on how to approach overall financial planning with efficiency and effectiveness. From minimization strategies to future projections, we look at integrating tax planning into the bigger financial picture so you are covered on all fronts.  Our Advisors can also help with navigating the ever changing tax law and tax rate landscape. We are here to help you plan your tax strategy around:

Running a Business

Taking into consideration the tax implications around your business can be a strong factor in your monthly and yearly decisions. Are you working out of a home office or do you travel a lot? Are you offering employee’s retirement plans? Knowing what deductions are available to your business can provide you with additional tax-saving benefits that strengthen your company.

Investing in Education

Did you know that tools exist when investing in your children’s education K-12? While most are familiar with the college-savings 529 Plan, another important benefit, the Coverdell Education Savings Account, can be used both toward college as well as elementary and secondary education. Alternative college strategies like an Education Savings Bonds also exist opening many options for you when planning out education for your family.

Considering a Charitable Donation

Using charitable vehicles as a means to minimize taxes is a smart move tax-wise and one of the strongest ways to achieve a life of truly paying it forward. From gifting publicly traded securities to contributions to donor advised funds, our Advisors can work with you to find the right charitable vehicles that lower your taxable income while creating a strong legacy.

Tax Saving through Retirement Planning

Focusing on your tax strategy leading up to and during retirement planning can help to ensure minimal deductions on your savings. Our Advisors have strong insights into tax-saving opportunities from the more popular ones like 401k and IRAs to more complex ones like Reverse Rollovers and Health Savings Accounts. Minimizing taxes in estate planning can also lead to savings for you and your heirs.

The common thread in all of these scenarios is our meaningful relationships that come first and for that reason we have devised a unique cost-structure that allows for unbiased decision-making and an open line of communication so you don’t have to be concerned about the cost of advice.

Your 3-Step Process to a Personalized Tax Strategy


At the onset, we work with you to ensure you are taking advantage of all the tax-saving deductions and credits both in your personal finances and business. Depending on your unique situation, we curate a plan that leverages the tax-saving tools that best fit your needs.


Our guidance focuses you on ways to maximize your tax refunds and cash flow, a direct benefit from our looking at your finances holistically. We also provide smart ways to reinvest your taxes into tax-deferring vehicles like 401k and Savings accounts.


Once you get the hang of yearly tax planning, you can progress to some mid-year tactics and secondary strategies like tax-harvesting. This ensures you are always staying ahead of the curve and have as much cash flow as needed.

The starting point of any plan begins with a baseline understanding of your current investments and risk tolerance. Let’s get started and find yours.


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“When I met Rick almost 10 years ago, Planning Capital looked different than it does today, but the company was being steered by the right values. Creating balance personally and professionally, being able to have a genuine connection to the clients and the work, and having the freedom to explore avenues of intellectual curiosity were all important factors to me. But most importantly, I wanted the opportunity to grow with a firm which wasn’t afraid to adapt.”

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