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Family Wealth Management Designed for Your Lifestyle

Time and again our clients have expressed that managing their family wealth is so much more rewarding when it’s coupled with planning a purposeful life. Purpose-based goals can be as broad as making the world a better place or as focused as integrating health and wellness into your weekly schedule. Whatever your choices are, our Advisors are here to always remind you that there is a bigger picture beyond the numbers.

Helping You with Family Wealth Management

We spend a lot of time discussing the notion of family values because this serves as a strong foundation for creating a purposeful life. Was money a topic discussed in your home as a child? What was considered a “need” versus a “want” in terms of spending? Many of our clients have shared with us that the values formed during childhood often are at the root of how they approach money as adults. From College Savings and 529 Plans to Succession Planning and Estate Planning, our Advisors can help with key moments as well as all the smaller day-to-day decisions that come in between.

Plan and set Your Investment Goals

Planning for Children’s Education

Planning for your Children’s Education is one of the earlier tax-free accumulation steps you can take to get a jumpstart on your Family Wealth planning. From helping you with the more known tax-saving strategies like a 529 plan to lesser known tax saving benefits like a Coverdell Education Savings Account that can be used both toward college as well as elementary and secondary education, our Advisors can set you on a strong path.

Beginning Estate Planning

Thinking about passing on your wealth to the next generation is a reflective moment when many of our clients begin to consider their legacy and impact. While our Advisors are here to help with this big step, we are also here to help with immediate implications like potential tax exposure that can be minimized when looking at your types of assets and level of liquidity. Looking further ahead, there are different trusts that may suit your individual situation that outline how and when you pass your assets to your beneficiaries. Don’t want to release all your assets at once to a child, maybe you are the right fit for a Testamentary Trust? When we look at this extra long-term narrative with families, we are thoughtful about the plans we put together knowing the weight it carries through every generation.

Considering Succession Planning

Ensuring that your business is viable and sustainable for years to come means having a strategic succession plan for when the time is ready. Whether you are handing the business over to the right leader who shares your vision or exploring a potential sale to provide liquidity, our Advisors can help you map out the right direction that fits into your overall estate planning. While succession planning typically falls out of the standard financial planning scope, at Planning Capital we believe that all your assets are connected.

Teaching Your Children Financial Literacy

When we delve into money conversations with our clients specifically around Family Wealth planning, our clients share that many of the values they learn about money are taught to them at an early age by their parents consciously or subconsciously. To this end, passing down family wealth depends on the financial teachings we continue to embed in our children. Our team of Advisors have partnered with parents to develop money-focused conversations that will add to your child’s financial literacy. This education creates mutual accountability making everything from 529 Planning to Tax Planning a family activity they are proud of and take ownership in.

The common thread in all of these scenarios is our meaningful relationships that come first and for that reason we have devised a unique cost-structure that allows for unbiased decision-making and an open line of communication so you don’t have to be concerned about the cost of advice.

Your 3-Step Process to a Personalized Family Wealth Management


Every family passes down different value systems around money so we use this time to explore these beliefs as a starting point for how a family sees its future. When it comes to this long term planning, and having the benefit of hindsight, we help you look at the future in a way that is just as personalized and unique as your family.


We are here to help you keep the bigger picture in mind while putting the smaller moments at the forefront of your plan. Things are constantly changing and because our plans are flexible, we help you ride out circumstances and keep you grounded. We also remain collaborative with lawyers and other professionals to ensure Trust and Estate Planning have all the key stakeholders involved.


Continuing to adapt your plan and update it, is important when creating a personalized family wealth strategy. We see it as a partnership, where together, we evolve the intention for the greater good of generations to come. Your family brings the wealth of information and we bring the perspective, strategy and tools to help build your legacy.

The starting point of any plan begins with a baseline understanding of your current investments and risk tolerance. Let’s get started and find yours.


Meet one of Our Partners, Dan Brady

“Teddy Roosevelt was an especially quotable human, but I’ve always identified with his declaration that ‘far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.’ From my early career days working as a consultant to financial advisors, I always knew that helping families plan for their financial future was ‘work worth doing’”

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