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Just How Do We Plan Investments at Planning Capital?


Advisors who lack a disciplined approach in search of investment performances or hot trends will eventually end up losing their clients’ trust due to uncertainty. 

We utilize a methodical approach in creating investment portfolios, monitoring performances, and rebalancing portfolios periodically.

Here’s how our process works, below:

Step One: Fund search.

During this step, we use multiple screens to narrow the field of potential mutual funds from a universe of 15,000.

Here are just a few of the variables we use in our screening process:

  •   Performance to benchmark
  •   Asset size
  •   Manager tenure
  •   Expense ratio
  •   Style drift

Step Two:  Manager Assessment

Here, we filter out more funds through a detailed questionnaire and a follow-up interview.

Step Three: Fundamental Analysis of Manager and Company

Now that we have a “short List”, we engage in a thorough and detailed talk with the Fund company, advisor and team.

Step Four: We create a portfolio utilizing the funds from our preferred list 

Each quarter we review this list to verify if a fund still earns our business by keeping in pace with its benchmark. If not, it is moved to a watch list.

If the fund fails to correct its performance to its benchmark within a prescribed timeline, we “fire” the old manager and “hire” a new manager.

Just as we discourage our clients from trying to time the markets or betting on “hot trends”, we hold ourselves to the same rules. In the end, we look for fund advisors who:

  •   Stay focused on their core strategy.
  •   Have shown us that their process is unique and that they have an “edge”.
  •   Demonstrate that they are focused on their fund rather running multiple strategies and funds.
  •   Do not put growth of assets before shareholder returns.

Planning Capital Management Corp is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC, and we are held to a fiduciary standard with all of our clients. We offer full financial planning in conjunction with investment advice and portfolio management. Should you have any questions or concerns about current market conditions, or just general financial planning questions, you can reach us at: (215) 709-5100 or